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A fairly sturdy, short-handled pickaxe, useful for digging stuff up. And maybe hitting things with, if the occasion arises. Most likely, it's something miners would use, and thanks to its short handle, even a child could use it. Or a minor miner, if you like.

Type: weapon (melee)
Class: club
Hands: 2
Attack: 18
Cost of TP on use: N/A
Damage Type: Physical damage
Autosell value: 45

Cannot be discarded
Can be autosold
Can be stored
Can be traded

Outfit name: Mining Gear

Plural: Short-handled pickaxes
Bonus: N/A

Obtained From

When Used In Combat

Successful attack messages:

  • Your short-handled pickaxe handles your opponent in short order, dealing them X damage.
  • You swing your pickaxe round and round, do-si-do and stick it in a sensitive part of your opponent, who takes X damage.
  • You axe your opponent to pick how much damage you should do. Apparently, he|she|it picked X.
  • You can pick your opponents, and you can pick your nose. So following that logic, you pick your opponent's nose for X damage.

Miss Message(s)

  • You fail to hit him!

Fumble message(s)

  • Somehow, you manage to stick your pick right up your nose. Don't you know it's rude to pick your nose in public? You just did X damage to yourself!



  • Do-si-do is a dance step in which dancers pass back to back and they return to their positions.
  • One of the combat messages references the old saying "you can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's nose."


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